Function & Events

Are you looking for the ideal location to host a birthday party, an engagement party, wedding, a work function, a funeral wake, or a sporting club event? You may want to check out our event venues for hire.

Our function areas are a combination of contemporary lounge-style furniture & tall tables and stools. Every venue for conferences transforms into a semi-outdoor entertaining area when all large windows are open.

Function room 1 is a perfect events venue that can cater 20 to 50 people in cocktail style. Whereas function room 2 can fit in 20 to 70 people.

The room also includes:

  • 60-inch LCD Screen television
  • Samsung soundbar (optional use of own music)
  • iPod connectivity / Microphone
  • Complimentary WiFi

The minimum spending you will need to use the function room 1 is $750 and $1000 for function room 2. But you can directly pay a room hire fee of $200 to get exclusive usage on each room.

The combined Function Rooms 1 and 2 are perfect for more prominent space for conventions or celebrations, where 70 to 120 people can move conveniently. Also, weather permitting, these rooms become almost outdoors when all the large windows are widely open.

The minimum spending required for these combined rooms is $2000 or $500 room hire. The features of the combined room are the following:

  • 2 pcs 60 inches LCD Screen television
  • Samsung soundbar (optional use of own music)
  • iPod connectivity / microphone
  • Complimentary WiFi

Function room 3 is a great party venue for a celebration or any activity because it is designed to serve 20 to 70 for a sit-down meal a la carte style. This room is sectioned off from the restaurant to provide exclusivity for your event. Alongside with it is full table service.

The minimum spending required to acquire this function room is $1000 or a pay-up room hire of $500. But be reminded that conditions apply for Friday and Saturday Nights.

The combined Function Rooms 2 and 3 can accommodate 70 to 120 people. As a result, it can be a great party venue for a large group that would definitely enjoy both cocktails and a la carte style. Just like any other room, this room has large open-air windows.

The amount to acquire this room is $3000 or $500 room hire (conditions apply for Friday and Saturday). The features included here are:

  • 60-inch LCD Screen television
  • Samsung soundbar (optional use of own music)
  • iPod connectivity / Microphone
  • Complimentary WiFi

The restaurant in our hotel is one of the places to get the best pub meals in Bendigo. Our restaurant is part of Bendigo’s cheapest function room, offering a large sit-down meal area.

The minimum spending required to use the restaurant function room amounts to a negotiable price of $8000. You may as well pay a $1000 Room Hire, but be reminded that conditions apply on Friday and Saturday nights for its cost. However, with the amount you spend, you will have an exclusive use of the whole restaurant, including full table service.

Are you interested in our low-rate party venue? Call us at 03 5442 3555 or email [email protected] to speak with our functions manager, who will provide you with thorough guidance in tailoring your special event.

We understand that there are many decisions to make at the time of a funeral, including the type of funeral catering you may require.

Whether you are organising Funeral catering, Life Celebration catering or wake catering, the Brougham Arms Hotel has had many years of experience to ensure your gathering goes smoothly.

To discuss your gathering, contact us and speak with our functions manager who can assist in tailoring your event